Drake - Desires (Audio) ft. Future


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    Music video by Drake performing Desires (Audio). © 2020 OVO, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Giagrhymes Savattere

      I want. To be sect for you not. So the. Tv. And others can. Share. I don't. Want. To share private intimate moments so u have to prove. That I got. Desires self. Fish. That's. What u want the one and only girl bee scene. That's to private. And. Promise. If u keep your every. Effortless when u say. I got to. Fort in Nah. U got to. Say. U want me all to your self and. Not. Have to make. Others. Jealous. And. Make. Me. Personally understand me. I just. Want. Wht im. Saving and release it out

    2. HasssyBby B

      Slapppps so hard

    3. Christian Ramirez


    4. WOLF GANG

      What a time to be alive vibes

    5. Klaudia Sokół

      Life was way better when this song came out

      1. Bob Jim Bob Jim

        Wtf are u talking about it was literally Covid

    6. Jonny McArthur

      She says you're so right. @rio @ovosound #champagnepapi 🙏

    7. Wilbur Juice

      3:03 that is SO clean

    8. Giagrhymes Savattere

      You're on it if u see how hard u make my songs to give me pass by the. Time. Till u are ready are u saying. I'm. Not. Meant. For this. I'm. So. Sensitive

    9. Giagrhymes Savattere

      I'm. Always. There. For u. That's the words u say. It. Makes me. Feel. Complicated. Like. There. Are. So much. Thing. U. Don't. Know the. Half. Of. It. It's. Something. Different. It's. The. Way u. Speak like me act like me. But. Don't. Take the. Twist off the. Bottle. I got. Ur. Dreams. On the. Way. It's. All on the. Way. I don't. Got. Time. For that

    10. jiggashade

      Tripped me tf out. That “I know , I know , I know” sound like 2009-2010 drake

    11. Aditya Shahi

      Can't believe this album is already 1 year old

    12. yousmellikemadshit

      This song is so well put together

    13. yousmellikemadshit

      This nigga is diff

    14. Ricky Peterson

      One of the greatest songs of all time

    15. BABY ODEUS


    16. Lil Mani

      Where’s the time machine

    17. Wilbur Juice

      mob ties part II

    18. Stephanie L

      I love all your singing songs bring that back✨

    19. Sabrina Smith


    20. Luis Vargas

      Wylett 8

    21. INDIGO Soluciones en la Nube

      Esta rola se merecia un gran video... aun asi... esta bien... ya que deja que te imagines lo que quieras...

    22. kabe lander

      "Where did your friends all goOOOh!!....WoooOOOOOh"!!!!!!!!...Full moon hound up in dis biaaaach!!.

    23. Miguel Pueyo Gamarra

      I love how this song wasn't ruined by tik tok

    24. Fly East

      You had me down on my knees every day, had to talk with Messiah ... I'm in that 8 and that 1 and that 2, this a different Ferrari, yeah!

    25. Fly East

      you got that firee .. and i'm not a liar

    26. Sibraj

      My girl always listened to drake I never did she broke up with me and now I can’t stop listening thinking of her...

    27. DeJohnne Lacy

      Dallas is becoming more prominent in black entertainment

    28. Miss Mi

      ☆~desires~☆ ◇◇♤◇◇

    29. s02 Pzychotik


    30. Andreh Francisco

      Yeeeah 😍😍😍😍

    31. Kenan


    32. Kenan

      I know I know I know 😸😸😸

    33. YaBoiRamen

      I refuse to believe Drake actually has the problems he raps about. There is no way bitches are still out here trying to dog Drake.

    34. Clemente Flowers

      I’m here in 2021 and it’s still better than any of polo G songs

    35. Zant神

      2:00 😩🔥

    36. We Lead Rap Music Records

      vidron.info/club/video/0KfEkpvQ2t-0eLI.html This Guy rap better than Drake . Prove me wrong💥

    37. Kay Smith

      Only 14 million views

    38. Monroy Alejav

      1:43 That "clean clean" for me was so beautiful

    39. Monroy Alejav

      1:43 Ohh that was so deep

    40. Dylan Stewart

      He shoulda called himself Feature

    41. Jalen Cheatham

      For some reason when I first heard this I wasn’t super crazy about the song. It just felt like Drake has done this before... but it really grew on me and is a perfect song/vibe especially with that synth or whatever that is on the hook. Timeless music

      1. Drake graham

        Thank you for the comment, Reach out to my email address drakeaubreygraham60@gmail.com We talk more

    42. Adom

      Ain’t nobody but Ashera the thief lol I been knew

    43. J Lukiss

      Imma say this...: drake made a memorable time period with this mixtape. Just how uzi flavored 2016. At least in my opinion lots of these songs remind me of 2020 summer with the quarantine 🙌💥

    44. Rampaxbeatz

      this is that 2011 drake

    45. J.R. Dennis

      This nigga the goat and need to be talked about in black history

      1. Ankush Sudhir


    46. Lakeith Hibler

      POWER OF ALLAH still on my back when I😍 worship deja I get mad and walk off

      1. Lakeith Hibler

        Why my eyes purple My fist clinched And my dreads say messiah I seen 2 many movies 🕶✌

    47. Lakeith Hibler

      Tell mother earth deja I gotta go?✌

    48. Lakeith Hibler

      Family always bout mafia It's shame what happen 2 flip Flip my coin Back say Anomoroto fire and desire👍

    49. Lakeith Hibler

      MR.Drake Thank you I love my vessels They masterpieces dababy slowed down🕶😍

    50. &NIOCTION&


    51. Taylor North

      i was faded watching a stripper dance to this song the other night and this shit grew on me, stg.. Drake knows what he's fuckin doin bruh

    52. sqwill

      good track but u cant expect loyalty if u aint loyal urself, cmon boys

    53. Malik Hoff

      De Ja!

    54. adam jaber

      when you get five stars in gta just to feel wanted

    55. Ty Ellis

      The drake statefarm commercial ☠️

    56. BanhBaoThit

      Drake is sogood

    57. Anayah J.

      so in love with this song

    58. satheesh.m satheesh.m

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    59. Sujith Kumar

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    60. junior.

      "Got you a whip , but then you got back on shit , I had to tell eric go get it" Quavo felt that.

      1. 215's Mile High Club


      2. SirrMenace


      3. dimitri john


    61. Bairgonda Srisailam

      Woah woah woah woah this is on fire🔛🔥

    62. GotMeBored

      nobody in the description anymore

    63. uglygod yadigg

      *sees addion* Drake: I should've put you some where nobody can find you

    64. beatradamus


    65. Gretel Hebbert

      I live the life. Brickell is Mt. Olympus. Wish I had a man to share it with.

    66. D W

      Dark lane is a slept on album . Best rap album of 2020

    67. O K

      Really Drake songs making me forget corona virus and many troubles in the life

    68. Vasilhs loco


      1. Dead Opps


    69. kaos_0823

      col rossetto hai lasciato scritto ci vediamo domani

    70. AJJA

      Drake and future are two of the saddest men I know but this is a bop so I’ll let it slide

    71. reda 9999

      I just realized Drake is wearing nikab and no bitch ass nationalist bitching about it .

    72. Nikola Ramčević

      I've heard police sirens near the end of the song and I thought wow, such realistic sound in the beat. I've muted song just to be sure and yeah it was coming from outside xD

    73. Jerome IzSpirit

      God Bless You

    74. Michelle Rentería

      Amo amo amooooo amooooooooooooooo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    75. Karwin Chau

      Fire & Desire?👀

    76. Shelly Cali


    77. Flair Jordan

      I mean the break down - perfection 🤌🏾

    78. Keaundra Jones

      I was today years old when I first heard this song! It is now on repeat, lmao

    79. Keaundra Jones

      Damn, he describing me ain’t he? 😂😂 he snapped ‼️‼️

    80. Katherine Vanderbuilt

      At my location, Check.

    81. Diarmid Thomson

      this song underappreciated

    82. Rogelio Landin

      How you going vegan but still beef'n with me 😆

    83. Daniel Jordan

      Who’s here march 2021?

    84. Daniel Jordan

      How is this song not bigger than it currently is. This is pure fiyaaa 🔥🔥

    85. Team T


    86. Frank White

      This is the 2020 NWTS

    87. Ronnie Pearlz QOS

      wow drae

    88. Ronnie Pearlz QOS

      goud job drake

    89. Louis Sengalo

      well ik what im gonna do today "drake and drive"

    90. Datboi ABSOLUTE

      They killed it 🔥😭

    91. urz_ ggn

      At the end ..I felt that shit😔

    92. Soulo Dolo


    93. gato

      like si te gusta mas la versión de anuel

    94. 3minati

      This and not you too snuck tf up on me, I swear

    95. Heber Madrid

      Me gusta esta canción apesar que no le entiendo pero Drake es uno de mis favoritos eres el mejor 😃 gracias 😍

      1. TheRoyalONE


    96. Royal GNRL


    97. B. H.

      Future should have slid on that flow for a little longer he was bodying that

    98. RileyCj

      Drake and Future is like NASA and Elon Musk always reaching for stars.

    99. Manuel Calderon

      🌎 Blue fire 🌎 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🌎

    100. Dirk Soto

      u say your problems never needed solvin