Drake - Hotline Bling


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    Hotline Bling (Official Video)
    Available for download here! republicrec.co/DrakeHotlineBling
    Share/Stream “Hotline Bling” on Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/6nmz4imkDcmtwMjocAzFSx
    Directed by Director X
    Produced by Evan Landry
    Edited by Laura McMillan
    Production Company: Creative Soul
    Music video by Drake performing Hotline Bling. © 2015 Cash Money Records Inc.

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    1. dohggy

      drake 🌲

    2. Spoon

      This is the song you would hear in 2016 when your driving at night on the freeway with your mom and your sisters looking out the window with all of the lights.

    3. Yellow Guy

      Drake is the type of guy that pays someone $10 so he can get $1

    4. The Victor YT


    5. Amogh Misra

      Drake is the guy who turned into a meme

    6. Ahmed Sohail

      Drake the type of guy to smash a girl before going to church

    7. Ahmed Sohail

      Drake the type of guy to turn down the volume to help him see better

    8. the lionator14

      Drake is the type to dry his towel with a towel after a shower

    9. Hernandez Dzul Esdras Josmar


    10. Gabriela Dias

      who in 2021???

    11. Jasper Jepson

      Drake is the type of guy to call the police to arrest him when he does a crime

    12. Rachel Fitzmaurice

      Blew my thoughts off him, talking about litttle wynne as he was so juicy fuks up the vids with riri being all macho dont it yah/love the song /do you know the riff is SANTANA from the 70s they stole it

    13. Leeana Ozy

      Drake is the type of guy that tells people that my going to the restroom and its his own house

    14. Петр Поттер

      Это праздник милоты😍😍😍

      1. Spoon

        Я знаю, что это лучшая песня E V E R

    15. s2CcoV9gR2Tm8qm

      Drake is the type of guy who washes a banana before eating it

    16. yalot rambao


    17. Exlilshit 97

      Drake type of guy to add more volume when music is on mute

      1. Dennis Mc laurin

        Drake is the type who brought bottled water into the delivery room, and cried, when his water broke.

    18. ضياء حمودة 2

      اغنيه الميم👀🤣

    19. cm alif

      Hotline bling 1:20 Meme 1:18

    20. ー sanべれて

      Drake is the type of guy who

    21. Waylon Day


    22. The Sumthin' Guy

      Hotline Bling, the type of song with comments that mean something instead meaning nothing at all.

    23. Ely Bernard


    24. The Chick monk


    25. Dakota Gilliam

      drake is the type of guy to get hit by something and not realize until later

    26. monkeman37

      Drake is the type of guy to put out a song that has lots of shitty copy-pasted comments

    27. beaky


    28. Isabelly Ohanna Lopes de Oliveira

      Opa, Jajá volto pra editar e deixo um comentário, até agorinha 😳✋

    29. Lorenz Manguera

      Sino andito dahil kay dady dod ng "KALYE SERYE" ? 😆😂

    30. Pooofff

      Every comment be like *“DrAke iS tHe tYpe of GuY”*

    31. DEBORAH LIM LI JUN Student

      drake is the kinda guy whos happy when he gets back postive covid results

    32. when you

      Drake is the kind of guy to make "he's the kind of guy" memes

    33. Frank Conley

      Note to self don’t learn how to dance from drake

    34. abhishek chauhan

      That's why you're here 1:18.5 and 1:21

    35. Bibash Dahal

      Drake is the type of guy who calls 911 to ask their emergency!

    36. hipiti dipity

      this video gave us a famous meme template😂

    37. Ishan Hafeez

      Drake is the type of guy to release a song and then have a bunch of comments saying “drake is the type of guy to.......”

    38. Eihab Shadow's Design


    39. Warit Utanwutipong


    40. ThePnyBoy

      Epic memes

    41. Athena Perez

      Wait... Why are the girls talking about playing with feet-

    42. Suraj Shinde

      1:20 meme template


      I like this better now than when it came out

    44. ms letizia

      timmy thomas, y can't we live 2gether..... know ur history....

    45. xionmattic

      Everyone here is making memes about this, but let’s admit, this video is getting nostalgic.

    46. Mo Khalil

      3:06 hits different

    47. Sv Bsbeh

      she used to call me on my phone, now she don’t even call me

    48. Ruby Bun

      the year is 2021 and despite having seen countless memes throughout the years, this is the first time i have actually ever watched this video. it’s a bit weird but it’s alright i guess

    49. Moonchild

      remember cat vibing with this song

    50. M00n Lick3d


    51. JJ Play's

      “Drake is the type of guy” man shut up and vibe

    52. Moussa Miller

      Lol back when drake stopped rapping all of a sudden

    53. k c

      Drake the typa guy to take a screenshot of his cracked phone

    54. I got a gun Bruv

      Sorry but why is everyone is saying “drake is the type of dude to bla bla bla”

    55. Ryan Slayer

      Drake is the type of guy to put ketchup on his fries before frying them

    56. Crystalhaloo

      its the fact that this comment section is still active 6 years later

    57. Lucas HooliganZ

      when your playing wii sports tennis 4:04

    58. I’m Bored

      OLD DAYS😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 *sad*😔😭

    59. Asher dolphin

      Drake is the type of guy to take a shower before going to the gym

    60. SNEAX

      I lost my contacts Yelp drakes like

    61. David Chacon

      9 year olds....... drake meme song

    62. Matthew Mersch

      Drake the type of guy who checks VIdron comments to see what type of guy he is

    63. Andreo V.O.

      Jokes aside, this is the best song of the last decade.

    64. Max Quesada



      In 2x speed this hits different

    66. James Anderson

      Drake the type of guy that would feature himself on a remix.

      1. Dennis Mc laurin

        Drake is the type that soaks his feet in table salt.

    67. Ahmya Ketsueki

      *“Drake Is The Type Of Guy To Wake Someone Up In 3am And Tell Him To Sleep Because It's Already Midnight”*

    68. Monica Gallegos

      Never gets old lol

    69. Juami Plays


    70. Aizela

      why does this sound like wii sports?

    71. Sløwz

      pov: you heard this song then searched call me on my cellphone

    72. Soupadeep

      Drake means a male duck

    73. gabriel calderon ramos

      I mean.... drake is my favorite meme._.

    74. I like memes

      Why are there so many type of guy comments!? I'm not that type of guy

      1. Soupadeep

        yes, please explain

      2. Kiros


    75. Stringfreak

      Drake is the type of guy that sends you a card on his birthday.

    76. judith oquendo

      1:20 i never knew this man told us the truth......... this song is actaully a bling

    77. Jerome Reid

      i get high to this with my bros. its magical

    78. Beetle Cheng Li

      I came here because of ssundee........

    79. Murchhana Grahacharya

      Drake is a kind of guy who will try to find his phone using his phone flash light🙄

      1. qopkornz

        Thats a good one lol

    80. Lito 16


    81. Lee Weiß ivh nicht

      1:20 1:18 4:03 thank me later

      1. Soupadeep

        welcome me later

    82. Call of duty warzone

      So I’m guessing she called him on the cell phone then

    83. Fran Fiorda

      1:44 sexoooooii

    84. Me is Tripp

      Drake is the type of guy to wash his hands after taking a shower

    85. N1GHT C0R3


    86. LoRA


    87. Sasi Pranavi


    88. Kavita S.

      These comments are killin me 😂😂

    89. Elizabeth Corneau

      THISSSS IS EXACTLY 💯% every "emotionally unavailable" guy's FAVORITE SONG!! *cough* Wallie.... LOLLLL SMH!!! What I thought was a true love, failed me. That's WHYYY I gave up dating!!!

    90. Andrew Sterling

      Dam never vibed so hard in my life

    91. iEskrima EniGma

      Love how everyone took shots at this man when this came out, 5 years later everyone dancing like this in the club. 🤣

    92. Harjot Hary ꪜ

      Drake x Sidhu moosewala soon............

      1. Soupadeep


      2. official ASJ


    93. Dharshan Lakha

      Drake is the type of guy to say: "thanks you too", When someone wishes him on his birthday.

    94. Geno cide

      Bruh 1.7 Billion views that’s about 1/7 of the entire world maybe even 1/6💀

      1. Soupadeep

        that means the whole India

    95. Jeffrey

      Ah man , miss this year!❤️

    96. Anshu Boora

      Moose tape🔥🔥🔥🔥

    97. Manwinder 7172

      ਹੈ ਕੋਈ

    98. Thallyta korean edites

      Stop🖐️ now yeah this meme kk

    99. Sar Nixx

      Drake is that type of guy who dance with his partner infront of mirror😂

    100. Rahul Dey

      Omg 4:21 that bets harder than any earthquake🤯