Drake - I'm Upset


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    Music video by Drake performing I'm Upset. © 2018 Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records

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    1. Jefe

      Yo can’t believe they brought back jay and silent bob

    2. Sidar Ergisi

      I'm upset Fifty thousand on my head, it's disrespect So offended that I had to double check I'ma always take the money over sex That's why they need me out the way, what you expect? Got a lot of blood and it's cold They keep tryna' get me for my soul Thankful for the women that I know Can't go fifty-fifty with no hoe Every month I'm supposed to pay her bills and get her what she want I still got like seven years of doin' what I want My dad still got child support from 1991 Outta town, people love to pop a lot of shit then come around Word to Flacko Jodye, he done seen us put it down Niggas askin' if I'm cool

    3. Voxia Fn

      Drake prob killed x because he said double x only time I shoot below the neck🤨🤨🤨

    4. JV Reviews

      Look, music video aside, can we all just agree that this song sucks.

    5. Rafael Barroso

      sms, TRIPLE X... that's the only time I ever shoot below the neck

    6. Daniel Cardona

      Like da way u hold it down Thank u for being there U God and more MEDINA MEDINA MEDINA

    7. Daniel Cardona

      Drake fuck these demonds MEDINA MEDINA

    8. QOISH餅

      2:20 XXXtentacion?

    9. Giagrhymes Savattere

      I'm never. Going to let that go. I'm never. Go into take the moment to see the expressive. Expression like the. Song upset. I'm like. Now I need u. And see you and. Feel u. And. It ain't. No sett im letting u go. I ain't. Need to. Make. Someone. Say they loose. U. I'm never. Going to receiving. I want u. To. Say. It. Is truth im like. Expression the. Dream vs you. Never want to. Hurt no one. That loves u make. Your. Life. Easy going. Never let ting go

    10. Giagrhymes Savattere

      I always said. I was letting it pass cause I wanted to give u your. Space but I ain't changing this time. I m really. Fointo. Have my eyes feel. Feel. My eyes

    11. Roberto Henriquez

      my favorite 90s movie

    12. DJ

      Imagine the kids now at degrassi just sitting in class and then all of a sudden the 2007 class pops up including drake 😂

    13. DJ

      It took me a minute that he did it at degrassi school

    14. Emo Gang

      Go to 1:26 in song he killed x

    15. مڪتئبَ


    16. Yam Ach

      forever x

      1. Cali Kyng ツ


      2. Cali Kyng ツ

        That's the only time he shoots below the neck ouu

      3. Cali Kyng ツ

        Sms triple Xxxtentacion

    17. you are cringe no cap

      Just want to tell u that triple x also means i love you for all the people who think that he was behind xxxtentacion ' s death please be educated next time!

    18. Edgar Garcia

      Cool song bro but no one gives a fuck

    19. Mohamed Djerourou


    20. mahir ege çalışkan

      LaN bU NeDeN TÜrKçEe?

    21. Eda Sparks

      The only Degrassi that matters.

    22. Marquis Padierna

      Is anybody going to mention how he mention triple x and shooting in the neck and x got killed from shot from neck

      1. Sumit 27

        He has dissed him

      2. Sumit 27


    23. Jus Ken

      I feel this even more now BM on some bs

    24. MaGiC MYliFe

      SMS tripple X that’s the only time i ever shoot below the neck [Quote:] why you keep on shooting if you know that n***a dead ??!! Bitch sorry ?🧐🧐🤨

      1. Sumit 27

        He had dissed x

    25. Emily Staggs

      Best part of this video is spinner coming out of the dressing room🤟🤟🤟

    26. Enemy Eisa Gram

      I hate u drake

      1. Sumit 27


    27. Jermaine Allen

      Idk why I am just seeing this this needed more exposure. For Drakes shout out to his fellow actors he grew up with to degrassi and to jay and silent bob.

    28. Harry Kelly

      drizzy i see you 2 cuppin 🥤

    29. Hokua

      It is that one two

    30. Olivér Gerstner

      you kill X ?

    31. ken lompart

      3:25 Snake should have started singing, "Everybody's got something they'll never give up"

    32. emma bourque

      My life is complete❤️

    33. Swathi G

      Who all recognised Nina Dobrev 😍

    34. D. Rosas

      Do you think drake killed X

      1. D. Rosas


    35. Toni Williams

      The bass hitting in my 15s is awesome 👏🏾

    36. RAP HOLIC


    37. Gods nut


    38. DARK SIDE

      Shouldn't he be in a wheelchair 🤷

    39. Connor Stetler

      why did he say bad stuff about xxxtenatcion in this song

      1. Sumit 27


    40. Half-Heart Hero

      Now that I've watched Degrassi, I finally know who everyone is

    41. Dawson Kemper

      Triple x you told them to kill him

    42. EpikMurk


    43. Morgana Riich

      Snake be the downest Degrassi character lol i like how Craig def still does coke in this episode too lmao

    44. Shakayla Rainey

      Still so epic. I had to pause my bingeing of degrassi to come back to this for a sec

    45. Liam MacFarlane

      Nro i like him now i don’t because he says he shot x

    46. Positive PG3D

      2:42 and 3:35, 3:52, 4:10, 4:41, 4:50 NINAAAAAAAA

















    55. TVision

      The Rick scene>>>

    56. Pete

      Why no Sean??

    57. mia_kelley


    58. ERICK RBD


    59. Rock Definite


    60. Zuki

      “SMS, triple X that’s the only time I ever shoot below the neck why you keep on shootin if you know nigga dead.” “SMS” means Send My Shooters. “Triple X”(XXXTENTACION) “Thats the only time I ever shoot below the neck” ( X was shot 3 times below the neck ) and in drakes song “Mob Ties” he said “Louis bags in exchange for body bags” and X’s Louis bags including $50,000 were stolen from his car when he was shot, also drake had a child with some other women and Xxxtentacion got to know about it and drake threatened him that if he tells someone drake will kill X. Also 4 months before X passed X posted “ If Someone Tries To Kill Me It’s Drake I’m Snitching RN” and the next day Xxxtentacions account was hacked and all the songs from his account were deleted and also that post was deleted. rest in peace x dont hate me i just think

      1. vinay aaroon

        Lol, did u watch Sherlock Holmes lately

    61. AngelGames

      50000 on my head is disrespect

    62. Youngbull 01


    63. Da Freak

      This song can lead to that drake killed x

    64. Amelia Ram

      Words can't describe how much I enjoyed this.

    65. Ghost kid

      I got 7 years of doing what I want remember that line guys

    66. Weeb Zoldyck

      the way this was more entertaining than next class

    67. Alyssa Lopez

      Was that Sav Bhandari in the back at 2:32??

    68. Brainstorm Mezmer

      2:21f you drake fing murderer

    69. S A P

      my fave music video IMAO my fave show too

    70. Monika Garcia

      I have the comment your looking for FUCK DRAKE

      1. Sumit 27

        Fuck drake

      2. Angel Bradshaw

        FUCK DRAKE

    71. London Reighn


    72. London Reighn

      "Cant go 50/50 with hoe" UM RIGHT!!!!

    73. fabs34

      This is like crazy to me! I felt like he hid this part of his life for so long

    74. Caio Pereira



      Fuck drake he's talking about xxxtentacion he send those four men to kill xxxtentacion

      1. Monika Garcia

        FUCK DRAKE

      2. Angel Bradshaw

        FUCK DRAKE

    76. Amiama Butt

      I'm the only who came here after watching a tiktok for Nina Only me oh okay

    77. Chars Sunset

      rt wasn’t in this because he’s dead but rick is here?!

      1. Dre

        JT wasn’t in this because Ryan Cooley (JT actor) thought it was a scam. Drake invited him but Ryan thought it was a scam so he didn’t join. But Drake did want him in the music video

    78. Sqweeks

      Craig still fine af 🤤😩😍

    79. Pabloo

      nina dobrev💃

    80. Hi シシ

      2:21 people saying this lyrics saying he killed X cuz “sms” means “Send my shooter(s)” and triple X is for XXX(tentacion) then he said “that’s the only time i shot below the neck” which is where X got shot, so basically, send my shooters XXX, that’s the only time I had *to shoot* *below the neck*

    81. Rebecca Gomez

      I’m upset... that they didn’t include JT ))),:

    82. Midas shadow


    83. xcrowx

      I'd burn the whole school down too after all that puking 😅

    84. ITZ OMAR !

      😬This is S*xy ! 4:25

      1. London Reighn

        i mean that what degrassi was all about.

    85. meli chavez

      Archie and Craig😭

    86. maya

      ayo its georges song

    87. Santana Williams

      I love Drake with my whole heart... but that man really can't dance lmao

    88. Des W


    89. Nona Jones


    90. lukas pieza

      he killed xxx

    91. Desiree R

      I wish JT was there 😭😭😭

      1. Yadani Mohamed

        @Desiree R OHHH LMAFAOAOAO

      2. Desiree R

        @Yadani Mohamed I saw an interview where Emma(I forget the actress’ name) said that he (JT) received an email about it but that it was fake and that’s why he wasn’t there bc he never had responded or showed up 😭😭😭

      3. Yadani Mohamed

        ME TOOO😭 Do you know why he hasn’t?

    92. Assata Shakoor

      This video is so iconic

    93. 6tickz

      dirty bastard setup x's death

      1. Angel Bradshaw

        FUCK DRAKE

      2. good vibes

        @Roddy2K fr drake killed xxxtentacion🤦🏾‍♀️

      3. Roddy2K

        @good vibesshut the fuck up :/

      4. good vibes

        i just know he killed xxxtentacion, like how do ppl not see that

    94. ccouthen gaming

      Tiktok told me this video existed

    95. House Of Sidhe

      The only Degrassi reunion we needed. I died seeing jay and silent bob such a random throw

      1. TravisOmega

        They was in three episodes

    96. garvey pierre


    97. Sr Bites


    98. Zodiac

      I was like...she looks familiar

    99. Brian Wright

      But where is manny???

      1. Melissa Salisbury

        Uh...she’s IN the video. Around the 2:30ish mark.