Drake - Pain 1993 (Audio) ft. Playboi Carti


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    Music video by Drake performing Pain 1993 (Audio). © 2020 OVO, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. brisk

      I came from that one video of lois and chris

    2. Nazar Dubinsky

      *The most overhated Carti's verse but i fuck with it and don't care what others say lmao. It's just vibe*

    3. help me jasper!

      the whole world was mad at carti when drake dropped this💀

    4. Joshua

      cari sound like a lil baby 🍼

    5. Suhd

      Crazy how you can hear something and hate it at first then non stop bump it later on, music really is the best thing to grace us

      1. smokin' em bushes


    6. Conner Hughes

      I actually enjoyed cartis verse

    7. Ethan D

      Carti just different man. I think he’s so fire. I liked this verse from day one

      1. Ethan D


    8. Sir Cartier


    9. Playgirl4teen

      iky heard the slaat at 2:11 hit different

    10. brandan leypon

      Ppl who say they hate Carti verse need to listen to it again

    11. Ponalo Tabane

      Hype song

    12. Tia Striggles

      I like

    13. Matt Perez

      Who else was bumping the leak

    14. Jeet Skeet


    15. 苏雨 suyu

      Wait I always avoid this track bc of Carti's part but it kinda fucking slaps 😭

    16. youngslattthuggin

      Only came for Carti Verse 🥶🥶🥶

    17. Handles

      when i first heard carti verse was a 1 now it’s a 8

    18. callmexain


    19. Paul Schmidt


    20. Ahmari Divine

      This song was forgotten lol

    21. Erenyeager Fan23

      Playboi Carti Sounds like Lil Uzi Vert

    22. no sleep

      over time carti's verse got bette

    23. no sleep

      Carti's verse was never bad, if not we never understood it.

    24. Bloodyheaders

      Wow carti ruined this song and miss the rage still love him tho

      1. smokin' em bushes

        He made at least this one, miss the rage ain't his type of shit

      2. Tyrant The Menace

        Or make him do another one

      3. Tyrant The Menace

        Yea cuz he got tired of getting nagged about it so recorded a half ass verse and called it a day I just wish Trippie would call out his shit on it and take him off the song

      4. Patrick Howland

        He didn't ruin miss the rage u trippin

    25. Manu Hernandez

      i’m the only who literally loves the carti verse

    26. Sven

      I love Drake but WTF was his verse was about he was not saying nothing it was fire tho but GAWD damn LMAO

    27. kiyoraka

      young thug went hard on this

    28. Toussaint Hart

      1 of the smoothest beats of ever made.

    29. fique

      I used to sleep on the floor

    30. Those people Mlg

      cartis verse still goin dumb as fuck

    31. Zaria 360

      Am I the only one in the world that speaks cartinese 😭🔥🥶

    32. Shane Mason

      Solid beat!

    33. Lil Taven

      Carti was underwheliming on this track...

    34. Wil0X

      Drake - Pain 1993 (Audio) ft. Mickey Mouse

    35. xlilboomstickx x

      Carti verse grows on to you*

      1. jesuskehh h

        Hell nah 😂 it’s been a year it’s a still ass

    36. MakeOuthill

      Carti’s verse aged like fine wine

    37. Arcade Era

      Me on Drake's part: Lebron listening to music meme Me on Carti's part: guy taking off headphones meme

    38. Rolland Stockmann

      dis the only shit I’ve loved Carti on. 6God🦉

    39. The Market Marauder Show

      Drakes verse hits different now after what's going on.

    40. Gael RF

      It's a Kid singing????

      1. Cristi

        Playboi Carti is 24 years old

    41. SK Official

      2021 and carti verse is still dogshit

    42. Connor Griffin

      FIRE 🔥

    43. Skinny SAMMY

      Carti verse is my daily breakfast

      1. lBOBSa. nnt

        Same here

    44. TriHard 7

      [Intro: Drake] (Yo, Pi'erre, yo, Pi’erre) Ayy [Chorus: Drake & Playboi Carti] Ayy Niggas ain't gotta respect Niggas just gotta accept I put that top left I love my crodie to death (Codeine) Hype Williams, Lil' X If you don’t say it direct Could give a fuck, ayy, yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Drake & Playboi Carti] I put some ice on her hand I let her take an advance Shit wasn't goin' as planned I put that shit in the van She gotta move with her friend Heard she went back to her man Give a fuck, ayy I just put a Wagen in the driveway, you know I did When I shoot my shot it's the Kawhi way, it's goin' in Me and lil' Sicko sittin' sideways, breakin’ tens Used to be an antisocial nigga, now I’m makin' friends I just got a mansion out in Turks and it’s a beachfront (Okay) If she's bringin' four friends, I know I'll hit at least one (Okay, slatt, slatt, slatt, slatt) Got ’em all tannin' by the pool and they greased up Police in my city, man, I keep they pockets greased up (Okay) Me and Capo tryna leave our mark and peace the East up Ain't nobody makin' too much money off the beef stuff (Okay) But I beef a rapper 'cause I'm never with the sweet stuff Shawty came from Mexico, she know she got the sweet stuff (Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know) [Chorus: Drake & Playboi Carti] Ayy Niggas ain't gotta respect Niggas just gotta accept ('Cept) I put that top left (Ayy) I love my crodie to death (Codeine) Hype Williams, Lil' X If you don't say it direct (Yeah) Could give a fuck, ayy, yeah, yeah [Verse 2: Playboi Carti] Racks all in my jeans and they Raf Simons (Racks in my jeans, okay) Diamonds all in my teeth, I called up the dentist, yeah (Okay) Got a Goyard bag, I threw them racks in it (My racks, yeah) Every time I'm home, you know I whip the Bentley (Yeah, yeah, yeah) I just threw these pills in my cup, yeah, yeah (Just threw these pills, uh) Shawty just pulled up just to get fucked (Shawty just pulled up) But I only want top, yeah, for sure (Only want top) And I know I'm on top, but I want more (Okay) Remember I used to sleep on the floor (With my, oh yeah) Now every day I rock Christian Dior (Okay, Dior, yeah) Now every day I gotta pour me a four (Lean, lean, lean, lean) Now every day I gotta pour me a four (Lean, lean, lean, lean, okay) I spent a hundred K last night in New York (Yeah, yeah) I spent a hundred K the next day, I was bored (Okay, okay, yeah) That Lam' truck got numbers on the board (Okay, get it) Yeah, she keep textin' my phone, I'ma ignore (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Yeah (Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah) [Chorus: Drake & Playboi Carti] Ayy (Yeah) Niggas ain't gotta respect Niggas just gotta accept I put that top left I love my crodie to death (Codeine) Hype Williams, Lil' X If you don't say it direct Could give a fuck (Okay), ayy, yeah, yeah

    45. Lordt Jamar

      Carti got Drake on this

    46. jxlie

      damn it’s really been a year😔

      1. Garbonzo_Beans_ 1

        Ong felt like yesterday no cap 🥲


      1 year old

    48. Matej Stojanov

      Carti > Drake on this track, @ me

      1. abadir abdo


    49. Rs_ Blitzx

      A year bro

    50. 4zarath

      since when did a fucking year pass

    51. pain krat

      shit still hits 1 year after

    52. Satisfied


    53. Slv Claudinho

      at launch: The verse of the carti is the worst I've ever heard… a year later: the verse of carti is the best, this song is a classic !!!

    54. Slv Claudinho

      1 year, THIS IS CLASSIC BITCH!

    55. Vy Vy Films

      Ok pg

    56. Obi Choshane

      This song is a year old let's goooo

    57. Francesco De Sanctis

      DOPE ASF

    58. snow

      It's officially been a year..

    59. Vlone Soldier

      How is this shit Alr a year old ⁉️

    60. 325_Khiii

      I still don’t understand to this day how dis nigga carti managed to be the first nigga to sound bad while featuring on a drake song ☠️🤣

    61. dollarr13 _

      1 year ago today!!!!

    62. BABY ODEUS

      PAIN 1993🦉🧛🏿🔥

    63. Topic

      1 year

    64. Logan Bensley

      Just found this and drake has a hole different vibe ?? 🤩

    65. Dabail

      Happy 1 year anniversary 🥳

    66. Vic Pitic

      1 year !!!

    67. BiaXiDeNTJr

      1 year ago already???

    68. DuffyTime x T

      Drake literally explains carti’s new sound in the song “niggas ain’t gotta respect, niggas just gotta accept” 🔥🔥 faxxx 🧛🏿

      1. aryzo

        Sounds like a backhand diss to me. "you don't have to respect him but at least let him exist" like wtf

      2. Fares

        @DuffyTime x T factsss 🧛‍♂️

      3. kiyoraka

        soundin like a real 🤡

      4. DuffyTime x T

        Fares like I fw da new carti fr he actually be spitting harder now Da flow Nd baby voice just different Nd his ad libs harder den ever now at least to me 🔥🔥

      5. Fares

        lmao frfr

    69. TooMuchJuice

      1 year since this has been released😖😖

    70. theworld begoinup

      The beat is just beautiful ✨

    71. Te’sean miller

      1 year later 😣time flies

    72. Elias Salazar

      A year ago I found this masterpiece

    73. мιgυєl c

      can't believe it's been a full year man

    74. Wilbur Juice

      Carti brang some of his clones with him to help him sing along I see

    75. Samiya Lachelle

      1 year ago...

    76. Jonatan trap Lad

      At this point I’m convinced that carti is Jamaican or something

    77. Justin Freeman

      damn this song is 1 year old already

    78. koki!

      Liked this song from the start. Liked carti’s verse from the start. I must be the only one 🤷‍♂️

    79. Nick


    80. ARLORD_100

      If you didn't come from tik tok ten congrats

    81. Rinxz


      1. Rinxz

        no cap

    82. zeranzeran

      Remember I used to sleep on the floor? Now every day I rock Christian Dior. Now every day I gotta pour me a four.

    83. GT

      Carti 💀

      1. Cristi

        Carti carried

      2. samuel blanco

        He carried

    84. jacksepticeye3 jacksepticeye3


    85. Devin Reshard

      Kept telling people carti verse was gone grow on them 😂🔥🔥

    86. Odis

      I rEmBeR wHeN I slEeP oN tHe FlOoR ❤️

    87. MysticalRome

      Words can’t describe the Significance of this song. The genuis rapper Jordan Rapper aka Playboi Carti bring together so many psychological ideas together that push the boundaries of what it means to be a Artist and being human. The words at 1:35 have so much depth and meaning that only a sophisticated individual such as myself could ever understand what he has said. Hes spoken the ancient language of a civilization long gone and paid homage to said Civilization in this song. God bless this man.

    88. Bankroll Jay


    89. Langa Sikakane

      Carti verse Not As bad as I Remember....it's Growing On Me AS WE SPEAK

    90. Amari VI

      When you realize Playboi Carti had the best verse

    91. AvP

      this beat is hard but i still like more the one prod by forgotten

    92. Lufefe Ngilana

      "Racks all in my jeans and they Raf Simmons... Diamonds all in my teeth, I call up the dentist!!!" Playboi Carti moving wavy blud!!!

    93. Joaquin Vasquez

      bacialndo el temita y que wea no c podiaa dar el cortee?

    94. Arthur R

      I still love this song

    95. Ռոբերտ Գալոյան

      1:18 reksalimajin zenerexin doubla zimatizne, i call up tha bill


      Get carti again

    97. Jonathan Lambert

      I dipped when carti came on ngl

    98. Joshua Baer

      Is Grake in a hijab 😃 love from Israel 🇮🇱