Drake - Time Flies (Audio)


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    Music video by Drake performing Time Flies (Audio). © 2020 OVO, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Two Glizzy

      Some songs have one good part and the rest be trash. ☝🗑

    2. Akilles Izidro


    3. Jeremy Pemberton

      This song underrated

    4. Jmc

      I got a question, How many of you R from Canada ??

    5. Wearing Bet

      Yeah JLO I’m outside in that AMG Right outside, The Window Too turnt JLO you know me Still around Matt who I grew beside All the niggas around me ride or they die Gotta watch the time cause Alex flyin right by I just caught Alex on Finsta Just threw a hoodie on it’s a JL Way I been living like Batman tho I’m just trying to make it to the end ya know Certain things between us getting tenser Think we need to go to Montana and have a adventure I could be your man definitely down the road Right now I rather see my heart turn chrome Rather see my turn crystal JLO I can’t even front like I don’t miss you Right now I’m stuck in this AA alone Soon as Alex free you up I’m about to pop up on your phone like I’m outside in that AMG Right outside, your window

    6. Not Monsieurr AjAx.

      Literally heard the flatbed freestyle version and accepted the false fact that he really did those lyrics on that track😭


      Drake : i'm outside in a AMG Covid-19 :👁️👄👁️

    8. Jevaughn Palmer

      Great song 💯💯💯

    9. eliasnoconvo

      dios drake

    10. K G


    11. Даниил Лафишев

      Есть кто от T-Fest?

    12. Samsara Locoh


    13. Justin Richards

      If people knew the AMG he was in when he says this, they'd be 3x hyped. It's gorgeous and like 500k

    14. Emma Paulsen

      Smooooothhhh song bisss

    15. Wila Afrit

      Nunca me había sentido tan identificado con una canción. Holy shiett. Me deshace y me reintegra simultáneamente. Damn.

    16. Giagrhymes Savattere

      I'm like so. I denial. I'm so. Split up my mind is flying so. High when u say u rht. Park up. Why there beside. Me. U telling things. Something make. Me turn off but the. Way u get back to the way u was before. Anyone hurt u u got all the love. Rht here beside u always. Hea. When ever u call

    17. ACP Vazra

      A fucking banger 😄

    18. Giagrhymes Savattere

      I don't. Know. How. Unless video

    19. GodThéAll

      Time flies when we having fun well guess what im.not having fun

      1. GodThéAll

        Azzz Iuv my holy so holy Big Drake and Justin the holy Azzz DJ kaleeed and Ariannaa grande also heads up for The Weekend

    20. Amanda Fernandez

      If the end ain’t make you feel to strip a lil you ain’t listen to it right ‼️🤣

    21. 449jamesStreetNorth

      see you in year 2075

    22. Acid Rant

      Lmao weird how this makes me nostalgic about riding my bike at the park at the beginning of the pandemic, I weirdly miss that time period. I guess I'll miss this too.

    23. Kroniin

      “If you’re reading this it’s too late” vibes

    24. Anthony Vasquez

      Anyone else just randomly singing “ IM OUTSIDE IN AMG “ 😭

    25. Antz

      The breakdown at 2:14🔥

    26. ImSemtex

      I‘ll be back in 1 year, in 2 years, in 5 years.. time flies.. become the best version of yourself and enjoy every fkn day😔

      1. Rich YounginnBDB

        Ima see you there you bro 🤘💪😁

    27. Crabsterr

      This is such a late night drive song

    28. Crabsterr

      This a year old already damn

    29. Timothy Fields

      A year later and this still slaps

    30. Inflow Vrse

      best title cus how tf is it a year already bro??

    31. Richard Trusty

      Who else listening to this in 1942

    32. Никита Красильников

      Я в огне как и весь мир.

    33. Titi Omisakin

      when your nickname is actually TT

    34. BABY ODEUS



      Time really does fly!

    36. BABY ODEUS

      TIME FLIES🦉🔥

    37. Dabail

      1 year ago... This song was released!

    38. Tashanti Golden

      Drake Lowkey Toxic. Always Talkin Bout Some Damn "Girl, You Know Me 😩" Boyy 🥰💕💕Get In Here.

    39. Agustin Miranda



      came out a year ago today 😁 .

    41. aiden

      the flow from desires to time flies is nuts

    42. KeSean Ellington

      This song is nothing but vibes

    43. Frederick snow

      we still waiting for clb...

    44. Lakeith Hibler

      Shannon Hibler RIP

    45. Godspeed Master


    46. Brendon Perez

      Idk ab y’all but Drake lookin sus 😳

    47. account


    48. Siddharth Satpute

      When the drake is sus 📮

    49. Joseph Christopher Cõbíãñ Junior

      In Jesus name ("Time Flies" Drake) "I just caught a shawty off a finsta " - Drake "Fell in love through photograph I don't even know your name Wonder if you'd follow back I hope to see you one day I won't show my niggas now I'II keep this one for myself Love today's gone digital And it's messing with my health" - J.Cole "Saw you strollin' through the campus, I had to stop for you I was scrollin' through the 'gram, girl, I had to follow you Say wassup witchu? You got my soul" - Bryson Tiller "I met that girl right up at my show Left her man in the crowd on the floor Out of town, never saw her before Tell her "baby, we don't got that long" Listen, this is not my city show But I treat it like my city show" - Lil Uzi Vert I don't think That's fair that a female college student can use Instagram as an Online dating tool Where they can start a relationship Online&meet in person Then get used as a muse Find out how the Artist feels in lyrical detail Drake Bryson Tiller J. Cole Lil Uzi Vert In Jesus name amen

    50. JP B

      This song is underated asf

    51. Josh Florence

      Time really flies, it's been almost a year since he dropped this album

      1. Justin Richards

        This shit hit then and now and will continue to. God bless you, Aubrey

      2. Jae

        Life was good when this first dropped even though we was in lockdown

      3. Pody Production

        Ik this was like my quarantine album back in may-June

      4. Josh Florence

        @zachines mixtape my bad :D

      5. zachines

        Mixtape but yuh shits crazy

    52. Marcus Roman

      Yo what its almost been a year since this dropped?? Damn "Time Flies"

    53. 21_NeonLights lights


    54. s02 Pzychotik


    55. YXNG

      Quarantine memories

    56. R S Abhishek

      Drake does it so effortlessly .. like wtf??

    57. Clemente Flowers

      I just got off work and this the vibe I’m on?

    58. ornin padilla

      This the song I play when it’s late night rainy day

      1. pradeep vip

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      2. Filipe spada

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    59. Ian Arroyo

      The beat⚡️

    60. SMJSelena

      Came here because of Tori Kelly. Her version is so pretty, so I wanted to hear the original. It's dope.

      1. borneskull esport [bse]

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    61. Daloy

      Freeway late night cruisin vibe. Top down of course

    62. Mrs. GRAHAM

      I love u

    63. rasheed sobo

      this is fking great song nbs

    64. Emiliano Gallo

      Alguien que ponga todas las canciónes sub español 🙏🏼!!!

    65. Monke

      Meh Killy’s Enemies is way better

    66. gmoney baggs

      Right now just stuck inside the Crib by my Own I Felt that 😤😢🥺

    67. William :D


    68. playin sza


    69. playin sza


    70. Ajayy Mc


    71. Paavo Verbiest

      feels like im riding a dragon and all the princess b*tches are going wild!!!

    72. Hunter Hill

      It would be a dream to work with you

    73. Tiktoks from PEDRO IV


    74. Morgan_Savage


    75. Utkarsh Q

      Abel: I just signed a new deal with Mercedes. Drake: *Does better marketing without the deal.*

    76. Sterling Witherspoon


    77. Matthew Clarke


    78. Zion Kelly

      my 4 year brother was in the car he said I'm outside in the AMG TT I was like how do you know that 😭😭😭😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    79. Lakeith Hibler

      Aintnna plies voice

      1. Lakeith Hibler


    80. Lakeith Hibler

      In my feelings

      1. Lakeith Hibler

        Thank u drake I'm jewish2

    81. Lakeith Hibler

      Why white women Don't love me man Roles reverse in this song Damn money ain't a thang Globlatt

    82. itstheeiz

      at 2:13 every time i listen to it, it makes me feel like im floating in space with no worries

    83. ITALO TOMÉ

      Coach kyle 🇧🇷🇧🇷💥🔥

    84. Danya Ostrovskyi

      Зачем ты украл у T-Festa трек ? 😂😂😂

    85. Dre4de

      Note to self in 2025 Time flies live every day like it's your last

    86. Yami RYMNK

      Why is nobody talking about this smooth transition 1:10

    87. Mendoza Mak

      Quarantaine vibes.

    88. Any Gómez

      The ending... omg I love it

    89. Zyruu

      LosPollos brought me here

    90. Scubanaut Q_Q

      Need a vid for this

    91. Louis Lazarre


    92. Blessing Skhosana

      really time flies dem ..... drake been doing the most...

    93. Louis Lazarre


    94. Macadelic

      the real ones know Robin Banks TT inspired this

    95. Deadpool

      Drake is the goat 🐐

    96. Planet Panda

      I dont even like drake but this song just has that vibe I like reminds me of like driving on a freeway at night or something

    97. pseduu

      Slowed would hit different

    98. Tam Messina

      The overjoyed hammer indisputably describe because form distinctly notice save a hushed week. male, male memory

    99. J tggt rc5 Fby5c 5yt

      Xxxtentacion forever

      1. sean

        Why u here

    100. Wisdom Onwumere

      Is it only me or this song gets better every fucking time ?!