Drake - Toosie Slide (Official Explicit Audio)


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    Listen to "Toosie Slide" - available everywhere now: Drake.lnk.to/ToosieSlideVD
    Music video by Drake performing Toosie Slide (Audio). © 2020 OVO, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Daniel Chan

      I like how some people think that in the song he's describing his own dance when in reality he's describing the steps for the moonwalk.

    2. andersonlurbana

      Boa...Boa... Boa

    3. midpro

      he needs a fortnite skin


      Toosie slide it a Best song 2020

    5. NachoYT

      Ever e. CD venzshd

    6. Emily

      And you know we are here everyday with it I'm going to show you how to give it a go right foot left foot slide left foot up right foot slide basically I'm saying either way we both to slide

    7. Grzebień

      Still POG



    9. NachoYT

      Twhbw wgng the dong dog WTF bro mada faca

    10. Jacques Lessellier


    11. ricardo bellezotti filadelfo

      Muito boa

    12. فستقه

      ماكو عرب ليش اني عراقيه 😚💕💞

      1. فستقه

        @Bana ع راسي اشرف بيج 🥰❤❤

      2. Bana

        انا اردنية 🔥👑🇯🇴

      3. GG Bro

        اكو عراقيين مو بس احنة

    13. Andreia Pereira


    14. 2 loucos em ação


    15. Juliana Kavatoko

      i can dance like michel ja-ckson

    16. Stephanie Bailey


    17. Magrão Dos Fluxos

      The First Time I Heard This Song I Fell In Love

    18. SVPEXX

      Remix ft. Mc Poze do Rodo

      1. SVPEXX

        @ELPEDRO __ APELON Poze ia amassar pprt

      2. ELPEDRO __ APELON

        Azideia KKKKK

    19. Sebastian Gonzalez


    20. Vazifyッ

      I remember when this song came out life was good and bad at the same time I was playing fortnite all day the weather was Beautiful it was sunny outside riding my bike happily when TikTok was fun this song slaps can’t believe it came out 1 year ago this shows how time is going fast....

    21. Giannis Smirniotis

      It’s perfect

    22. Nynofon On YT


    23. _ranita cardasha_

      5 star love

    24. Berhan Tesfay


    25. Berhan Tesfay

      I love thissong

    26. khxlileditz

      Damn this came out at the beginning of quarantine last year? Time flies by hella fast man😔

    27. SMG- SHOUTO


    28. vini bruxo


    29. spirit dragon241

      legendary 😃👍

    30. H24 Stream

      Who else watching in 203456 after the Meteor on earth ?

    31. Xavier

      Now my subwoofer is an air conditioner🔥

    32. LoJo 48


    33. Gear Lord

      This song is crazy , bc it means that like food, music has become nothing but a product to digest and forget

      1. Gear Lord

        @J LionG well I mean the song is about nothing bruh the production the best everything is lazy it’s a paycheck

      2. J LionG


    34. FaTe_ JD

      0:38 ok then show proof. Show it I want to see you shamone into a heehee into a moonwalk into a owww.

    35. Jaylin Young

      Nah this that early quarantine nostalgia

    36. you know who i am

      Nooo it can't be one year later ı remember listening in the quarantine but it is still quarantine wht the hell?

    37. Hotshotico ProX


    38. سفيان الحربي

      اول عربي

      1. توزي للمونتاج / Tuzy for montage

        والله أتوقع في عرب كثير بس ما يعلقون

    39. نورا الحربي


    40. J. M. S. M. S

      Melo conpre en fornite

    41. Hoodfame Daze

      Already ome fuckim year

    42. Moustafa

      1 year later in france we in quarantine again; life is crazy sometimes

    43. Trey Jay

      It's already been 1 year...


      Es especial !!!

    45. Jacob Jordan

      I’m back a year later still heat doe

    46. MetalSonic420

      1 year ago today.

    47. Lxvendervibes

      This video was made exactly 1 year today

    48. CryingNight Animation

      The nice drop feraly whisper because meal generally exercise over a staking pancake. measly, melodic ray

    49. MegaPain Quest

      drake such a simp, but damn , some of his shit hits you hard.

    50. Hidjjfjf Dhdjrkwkroek


    51. DANIEL


    52. TheSkyWookie

      this song got me through april 2020 now whenever i hear it i just remember that i've somehow never been happier than i was, even during covid quarantining back then.

      1. Skie Drennan

        S*à. K

    53. Just Jokes

      best song ever :)

    54. Guddan Kumar

      So nice my favorite song🎵

    55. Will Avery

      I wanna hear youngbloods atl on this om's that would be a good remix..say it wouldn't be just to bring it back

    56. Antonio Buononato


    57. Juanolym

      After 11 months will still legendary music

    58. Syntheziiize

      This song is Legendary

      1. podip sharma


    59. TITO DU X1 4444


    60. Sr Miranda

      Someone there in full 2021?

    61. Shantail Thomas

      Terliyah. Smith

    62. matzzlol

      I don’t understand how this is popular it’s shit

    63. TPS Space

      Damn this song was hitting during quarantine last year its crazy how long its been

    64. Sem Alce

      his 2020 album was way better than 2018 album

    65. HELLYAN


    66. Eren 22


    67. Gustavo omega plays

      Russian Drake

    68. Sfiso Kunene

      Still Bangin 🔥🇿🇦👍

    69. Lucca

      eu sei que vc lembrou dele army -

    70. M S I

      Fck tik tok

    71. W. EDT


    72. Fernanda

      La canción del baile del fornite en ingles it's the dance song from fortnite

    73. Héric Coelho

      I remember when it said "20 minutes ago". Now it's a year old. Damn, time flies

      1. Yusuf Omar

        lmao i see what u did there

      2. DCtropical C

        wait... shit it has been over a year, jesus

      3. Night Ghost


      4. Syntheziiize


      5. E5127

        Ikr my dude

    74. marissa twigg

      Fortnite ruined it lol

    75. Kapforfun

      Crazy part is I remember when it said "14 hours ago". Time goes by fast fr

    76. ❄ 𝐑𝐮𝐯¡หк ❄

      yes yes Michael Jackson

    77. Kasia deszczyńska


    78. Jennifer Cole

      is good

    79. Jennifer Cole

      juice wrld

      1. Ramez Barguthi

        Is trash

    80. Jennifer Cole

      he aint a good

    81. Jennifer Cole


    82. La Limace

      toosie slide aszzszszszszszszs

    83. Joãozinho FF

      King trap: Rei do trap

    84. Vishal Dadoo

      This is a lit song

    85. Chicken Boy

      I remember when I commented"fun fact: drake can't actually dance like michael jackson" then a guy said it was an opinion , Im kinda confused

      1. Igor Fattorel

        Nobody can dance like MJ

      2. Chicken Boy

        @George W Bush Oof ❼ sad man😔

      3. George W Bush Oof ❼

        Well I said everyone remember me before the TikTokers come and no one remembers me 😔

      4. Shad0w


    86. Albino Lima

      Rusbeee kkk eu to feliz escutando essa canção com minha namorada 😛😘

    87. Loud Property

      Right foot up left foot slide ninja oh Michael Jackson son

    88. Letícia Moreira Dos santos

      Música melhor do mundo enterro 😎☺

    89. Way Zeus

      A legend like michael jackson ☺️


      Pinche tik tok pa' que se roban las rolitas mas vergas >:'v

    91. Łata Queen

      Love you music

    92. TempesT

      Drake took tik tok eith this one

    93. Noha Tuber

      I hate this song

    94. sjowners

      Whack shii

    95. ramsesD 06

      puro brasileño aca XD

    96. tomas sottita


    97. D r i z z e


    98. Juan sebastian Diaz tapiero

      no entiendo una mondaa pero suena chimba

    99. Debora Batista

      Só vim por causa das crianças Masaka Kids Africana dançando 😍.

      1. R1z3 L0rD

        Hey pasa pack mejor